In the 1972 on a proposal made by the RNC (Regional National Court), the MNE (Ministry) of National Education) allows accepting students by an entrance exam in Mathematics for 3 8 grade classes with a focus on Mathematics to the PG “Kiril and Metodi”. And that was the beginning for the future Mathematics High-School in Blagoevgrad.

1973/1974 school year – a head start, from which a staff of 6 classes with 169 students, 11 teachers and Todor Chimev as a headmaster laid a solid ground, upon on which the achievements of the MG are piled up.

On the seventh of November 1974 with the help of the City Council the school accepts for its patron the name of the Russian scientist and constructor Sergei Pavlovich Koroliov.

Throughout the 1975/1976 school year there are 365 students in 13 classes: 8 grades – 3; 9 grades - 4; 10 grade - 3; 11 grades - 3.

The high-school gets expanded with one physics class in 1984/1985.

In 1988 2 new classes are formed for the sixth graders with a focus on English.

From 1998 year the headmaster is d-r. Tatiana Yadkova.

In 1998 one of the first in the region structures of self-control is created- Students parliament. The parliament is formed from 90 students and it’s controlled by a Council, in which 5 students from 8 to 12 grades get chosen. The parliament represents and defends the rights and the interests of the students from PMG in-front of the Pedagogical council, RIO, MON, and it also works for increasing the cultural and the education level of the school.

By an initiative of the parliament and with the support of the staff every year a Day of students self-control is held- the control of the school is being taken by the students.

Every Christmas a traditional party filled with laughter and joy is being held with which the students say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new one.

In the end of May in honor of the seniors another party is being held- “Anti-rewards”- a trademark of the school. There are about 900 students in 32 classes at the moment in the PMG. The teachers’ staff is made up of about 65 people all with high professional qualities, three have first degree and 13 have second degree qualification level.

PMG accepts new students all over the country. The period of learning is 5 years and it is divided into 3 stages:

First stage- 8 grade (highly focused on English or German and the start of the profiled disciplines)

Second stage- 9-11 grade (fundamental preparation with the learning of all-round disciplines and focusing on the profiled disciplines)

Third stage- 12 grade (this period is highly focused on the profiled disciplines).

The last-year students receive a diploma for completed middle education and a certificate for computer literacy.

The school also has 8 computer rooms, a modern gymnasium and a library with over 5000 tomes. The high school also offers campus, which is located near it.


Who is Sergey P. Koroliov?

“The development and the education of no one can’t be given inborn or earned by someone outside. Everybody who wishes to join them must reach this with self activity and with self strength”. A. Disterveg


Acad. S. P. KoroliovThe human history is long, regular and unusual. Every feat the history has is being raised one level in the development and elaboration on the progress and creation. 12.04.1961 is one unusual day for the mankind forever entered in the world history with the great exploit- a man in space.

Marking this great event, remembering the name of the first pilot in space Yuri Gagarin, the humanity with respect and great appreciation will connect it with the act of the creator of the first rocket-space system academic Sergey P. Koroliov.

Sergey Koroliov was born on 12 January 1906 in Zitomir. In 1921 near the family house in Odessa is placed a hydro aviation squad. Sergey had been watching with interest how the hydroplanes take off from the water spraying everything with water drops and how they – big and slow at sight are taking high and flying away… Soon he made a friendship with the pilots of the hydro aviation base who sometimes were taking him in flight. After that kind of flights, on the way back home, Sergey often says: “I will construct planes and fly with them”. Day after day he began joining the life of the pilots who started giving him some work and with that Koroliov started making his dream come true. In June 1923 he joined the circle for hydroplanes and in the same year he entered Odessa’s first builder school. Lydia Aleksandrova his class-mate remembers: "Serioja Koroliov . . . In my memory immediately appears the energetic teenager with brown eyes, builder’s school, the twenty years of the nineteenth century… It was a hard time. We were 16-18 years old and the world was wonderful for us; we were seeing a great future for us! And even the bad clothing we had didn’t stop us. Because the main thing for us was that we are learning and when you are learning with that passion and desire that we had been learning then every job you do is more beautiful and better completed…”

After Sergey completed the school he didn’t stop his work in the hydroplane circle. Enterprising, energetic and with big prestige in 1923/1924 he already was a leader of a circle and a lecturer. In 1924 Koroliov joined the polytechnic institute in Kiev and though the strenuous learning he continued to create gliders. In 1926 he moved to Moscow and there he met Ciolkovski’s ideas for reactive movement and astronautics. The ambitious Sergey had started studying Constantine Ciolkovski’s works, while he was studying in pilot school and was working in the plane factory as a glider builder. Koroliov is excited by almost every new idea no matter how crazy it is he analyzes the idea and then he starts thinking of its building. He saw a chance to make his dream, flight in space, come true by installing a liquid-reactive engine on a glider. On 17 August 1933 his dream is realized and the first rocket with liquid fuel is launched in space.

In the years of the Second World War Sergey was a constructor in a brigade leaded by a man called Tupolev. He was working on the rocket engines for planes. He had to do with the invention of liquid-reactive engines for boosting the war machines speed in air fight. From 1953 all his efforts are turned on the creation of an over-powerful rocket capable to cover transcontinental distances.


In August 1957 in the whole world was spread the new of the creation of the ballistic missile. Only after two months the world was amazed again- the first artificial satellite was put into Earth’s orbit. Then Koroliov shared: “After we have taken out the satellite in space we actually began the space assault.” With his name is associated a whole epoch of amazing achievements. This genius made a missile carrier “Vostok”. Sergey is obsessed by the dream – man in space when he was constructing rockets and the only thing he was sorry for was the fact that he had already been very old to fly in space.

The energy of Sergey Pavlovich was unusual, his brave and determination recognize no frontiers and in his work he always shows his engineer intuition and science insight.