School parliament


Basics and Structure

The school parliament (SP) is the first structure of student self-control in the Blagoevgrad region. It was created in 1998.

SP has for its goals:

-Presents and defends the dignity, rights and the interests of the students in-front of the pedagogical council, the efficient management and the regional inspectorates.
-Helps for creating a mutually tolerant atmosphere between students and teachers.
-Approbate the right of the students to get a distinctive view about the management of the high-school.
-Prove Its importancy and it’s ability in-front of the pedagogical council and the school efficient management and to take responsibility and active role for the improvement of the school activity.

Organs of Sp:

1. Basic meeting

- it being held by the enterprising triple from every class

2. Efficient management

- it contains five speakers, representing all classes from 8th to 12th grade

3. Council of speakers

-it contains from the speakers from all classes- 8th to 12th grade

The SP obeys its own ethics and the rules of the PMG.

Members of SP

The chairman is Ivailo Bogomilov 10 “b” grade.

Other members:

Marina Hristova – 9 “g” grade
Ivailo Bogomilov – 10 “a” grade
Iordan Mehandjiiski- 11 ”b” grade

There are some traditional cultural and educational activities:
- Anti-awards
- Christmas show
- The Day of Students' management