Necessary equipment



In September 1973 a new high-school is established in Blagoevgrad- Mathematical high-school, containing 3 classes with expanded learning of mathematics.

The high-school in the beginning uses the already school library.

Throughout the 1975/1976 school year MG forms its own library with about 500 tomes of Artistical and Scientific literature. Also a subscription for periodically published books - 4 magazines and 2 newspapers.

Attending to the readers needs is Viktoria Varlamova – a teacher on Bulgarian and Literature.

In the next years with own and given funds the book fond begins to increase. In 1978 it contains 1200, and in 1988 about 3500 tomes.

In 1989 MG moves to a new school building in Elenovo. The book fond of the library is also moved, but it’s locked in cabinets and in this year the library does not work.

In 1990 the school moves again in another building in 4 Marica Street. After the new move due to a lack of librarians part of the books are gone missing.

In 1992 the high-school is transformed into the PMG. From the American foundation “Cops of peace” a new English teacher arrives- Robert Huz. Through to him the foundation donates 2029 tomes of literature to the library.

From November 1994 a constant library is appointed. Tsenka Sotirova takes over the library.

Due to a lack of of inventory books a new investment in gathering new English literature.

After 1990 in the whole country changes take place. The year is hard for the PMG. The funds used for development are dramatically decreased. In 1991 it is 4223 tomes. Throughout the next five years no more that 200 tomes are received. In these hard times charity takes its own place in the life of the library.